Documentation of Wormholes by the League of Imaginary Scientists
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, January 2011

Concept, Animation, Software (Max/Jitter)


Wormholes, an exploration of space and time using do-it-yourself technology activated by audience participation, was the first of three projects by the League of Imaginary Scientists at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
“Playing with complicated scientific ideas, the League of Imaginary Scientists uses Wormholes to posit a way in which time travel is, in fact, possible. The work employs digital technology and the platform of a videogame to move museum-goers virtually, such that they are able to exist in two places at once. Participants are registered as space travelers, photographed and then led through a series of tunnels containing stations that mark the progress of their journey. As they ‘travel’ they are given double agency and a duel perspective on their own image. The final stop is a console on which each participant’s likeness is projected, and he or she is able to interact with and protect it as it makes its own journey through a wormhole.”
— Gallery Guide

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