Selected Presentations

•”Animate the Audience: Compulsory Interactive Animation” Society for Animation Studies, Canterbury Christchurch College, Canterbury UK, 2015
•”Tezuka and the Origins of Anime” Alfred University, 2015
•”Interactive Design” Alfred State College, 2015
•”A Technique-focused Teaching of Animation History” Society for Animation Studies, Sheridan College, Toronto, 2014
•”Imaginary Science: Experiments and Collaborations in Science/Art” TEDxBuffalo, 2013
•”Jazz-Era Cartoons” Wellsville City Library, 2012
•”Imaginary Science and Pataphysics” University of Rochester, 2012
•”The Films of Adam Beckett” Alfred State College, 2012
•”Imaginary Science: Collaborations and Interactions” Louisiana State University, 2011
•”The Work of The League of Imaginary Scientists,” Bradley University, 2011
•”Solids: Light as an Animation Object” Museum of Neon Art, 2010
•”Visual Music Cinema” Dartmouth University, 2010
•”iotaCenter Salon” UCLA, USC, 2009-2010
•”Pixilation and the Uncanny” Society for Animation Studies Conference 2007


Interactive Authoring Open Coursebook online publication
Animation Journal. Furniss, Maureen, Ed. Vol. 18, 2010. (Assistant Editor)
•’Calculations.’ iotaCenter. 2009
•Furniss, Maureen. The Animation Bible. 1st. New York: Abrams, 2008. Consultant and Contributor for Pg 255-283
•”More than a Cursory Glance.” Frames Per Second Magazine, June 2006: 47-49.

Catalogs and Books:

•Victoria Vesna, ed. RETRO/SPECTIVE: A Decade of Intersections. UCLA Art|Sci, 2015
•Burrough, Xtine. Foundations of Digital Art and Design with the Adobe Creative Cloud. New Riders, 2013.
Engagement Party: Social Practice at MOCA 2008-2012 ‘The League of Imaginary Scientists’ p 137-154. By Aandrea Strang, Catherine Arias, et al. Museum of Contemporary Art, 2013
aether9: Remote Realtime Storytelling Section 16-100. Grayscale Press, 2013
•Burrough, Xtine and Michael Mandiberg. Digital Foundations. ‘Really Real Estate’ p 221. Peachpit: 2008.
•Babel 2007. Essay on the League’s collaborative installation, ‘The Childhood Machine,’ in Norway.
Four Degrees: Artistic Views on Climate Change. Catalog, produced by the KIPP Gallery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, edited by Robert Sweeny: 2008.
(Untitled) u =_____. Catalog (mathemetaphysics of representation), produced by Fette’s Gallery: 2008.

Selected Reviews:

• Zietlow, David and Jacqueline Henderson. “A Creative Introduction to Entropy.” Bradley University, 2012. link
•Stage Scene LA. “Parade” by Steven Stanley. March 18, 2011
•Wired Magazine. “League of Imaginary Scientists Drills ‘Wormhole’ Into Museum.” by Hugh Hart. January 2011.
•L.A Magazine “As You LIke It” October 16, 2010
•Artillery Magazine. ‘Collective Conscience: Institute for Figuring and The League of Imaginary Scientists,’ by Carry Yury: May-June, 2009.
• ‘The League of Imaginary Scientists Wins Apexart Competition’ May 21, 2009.
•SuperMassiveBlackHole. ‘The League of Imaginary Scientists,’ multimedia collaboration in Issue 3: 2009.
• (Spanish-language Internet forum on art and technology). ‘AEther9: relatos remotos en tiempo real,’ by Lourdes: February 17, 2008.
•Rave! Daily Breeze/ Arts and Entertainment. ‘Pixel Perfect: Interactive Digital Photography Exhibit at Torrance Museum puts Images in Motion,’ by Jim Farmer: Friday, March 30, 2007.

Courses Instructed

History/Survey Courses
• Survey of Animation and Visual Effects (Alfred State College)
• History of Television Animation (UC Santa Cruz)
• Japanese Media (Alfred State College)
• American Cinema 1960-Present (International School of Motion Pictures)
• Silent Era Cinema (International School of Motion Pictures)

Animation/Media Arts Courses
• Intermediate Computer Animation (Alfred State College)
• Advanced Animation (Alfred State College)
• Preproduction (Alfred State College)
• Motion Graphics (Alfred State College)
• Senior Studio Capstone Project (Alfred State College)
• Senior Seminar/Professional Practices (Alfred State College)
• Studio Tokyo Short-term Study Abroad (Alfred State College)

Interactive Media Courses
• Interactive Authoring (Alfred State College)
• Interactive Design (Alfred State College)
• Interactive Media (Alfred State College)