Iterations, 2016
‘Iterations’ is a dazzling and complex iterative loop. Shapes and lines overlap and affect each other across time, culminating in an 8-second loop that retains the flowing qualities associated with straight-ahead full animation with a complexity of movement impossible to achieve through a standard straight-ahead technique.
The piece was inspired by the work and techniques of Adam K. Beckett, an undisputed master of optical printing whose works (‘Sausage City’, ‘Dear Janice’) utilize single iterative loops. The process for animation was straight ahead from the first frame to the last, working on a single layer, adding to and erasing from the previous loops. Later animation partially destroys earlier sequences, and the final images are so complex that individual objects and lines can no longer be completely followed.

1st Place Experimental Film, ASIFA-East Awards, 2017

Selected Screenings:
Southern Tier Biennial, Jamestown NY, 2017
Animex, Middlesbourough, UK, 2017
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor MI, 2017
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia, 2017
New Zealand International Film Festival, 2017
Avant Edge Film Festival, Chicago, 2017
Altered Aesthetics Festival, Minneapolis, MN, 2017
Louisiana Biennial, Ruston LA
Berlin Experimental Film Festival, Germany, 2016
Animation Marathon, Greece, 2016
Berlin World International Film Festival, Germany, 2016
Athens AnimFest, Greece, 2016
Punto y Raya, Karlsruhle, Germany, 2016

Director/Animator – Jeremy Speed Schwartz
Music – Anton Flint and Jeremy Speed Schwartz